Yogyakarta Packages



Reflection Massage:
[60 Minutes 70.000IDR] [90 Minutes 90.000IDR]

Relaxing Massage:
[60 Minutes 110.000IDR] [90 Minutes 120.000IDR]

Sport Massage:
[60 Minutes 115.000IDR] [90 Minutes 125.000IDR]

Healing Massage:
[60 Minutes 120.000IDR] [90 Minutes 135.000IDR]

Body Scrub:
[60 Minutes 65.000IDR] [90 Minutes 65.000IDR]

Face Detox:
[60 Minutes 150.000IDR] [90 Minutes 150.000IDR]


Treatment Packages

Premium Package:
[120 Minutes 200.000IDR]

Gold Package:
[100 Minutes 110.000IDR]

Regular Package:
[90 Minutes 160.000IDR]

Couple Package:
[90 Minutes 160.000IDR]

Pre Wedding Treatment:
[120 Minutes 255.000IDR]


Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.